Lawford Housing Enterprise Trust

The purpose of the Lawford Housing Enterprise Trust (LHET) is to promote social inclusion amongst local ‘Eligible Young Persons’ who have a real and tangible connection to the relevant Parish or Local Authority Ward, in which the LHET owns dwellings.

The directors of the Trust wish to encourage those young people to progress to Independent Living in their local community, with the aspiration of Home Ownership. One of those aims, but not limited to, is the trust owning and managing dwellings which are to be used for the purposes of providing affordable rented homes to ‘Eligible Young Persons’ with a Parish or Ward connection.

The rent charged by the Trust should be no more than the relevant Local Authority Housing Rent Levels, where applicable.

In this context the minimum criteria for, “Eligible Persons with a Parish or Ward Connection” means;

  • A person who is at least 18 years of age but, but under 40 years of age on the date of application,and:
  • Ideally, has made an application to be included on the Local Authority Housing Needs Register, in whose district authority, the dwelling/s are located
  • The applicant is currently in full or part-time (minimum 16 hours per week) employment for at least the previous year
  • The applicant or applicants possess a sound checkable credit history

And who either:

  • Currently resides in the Parish or Ward where the available dwelling is located or;
  • Was brought up in the Parish or Ward where the available dwelling is located or;
  • Has a close relative living in the Parish or Ward where the available dwelling is located or;
  • Has such sufficient eligibility, as the directors may in their absolute discretion determine from time to time, based on some other tangible connection with the relevant Parish or Ward.

It must be recognised that applications for LHET Housing is a competitive process, which is likely to be oversubscribed, therefore the directors’ decision to award tenancies is final and is not subject to appeal.

Successful tenancies will be initially for one year and a maximum of five years.